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no more headaches to buy your next software, let us deal with your saaS!

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Centralize your SaaS procurement

Our proved approach at managing SaaS applications helps teams everywhere to find new tools, be compliant with every purchase, and manage ongoing contracts year on year.

Shadow IT

Find and cut out the apps that are billing you without being aware of their use.

Negotiation &Procurement

Lean on our experts to negotiate the best conditions with the vendors on your behalf.

Renewal Management

Act on time for your next renewal and optimize your license structure.

Security & Compliance

Ensure security posture and compliance are up to standards with every software purchase

Rise to the top

Shadow IT

Shed a light in the shadows with our team, making sure there are no hidden costs in your SaaS stack:

  • Discover and map all your shadow applications through our careful analysis and reports
  • Unveil duplicate apps that are not used and optimize your spending

count on us

Negotiation & Procurement

Choose our Assisted Purchasing Program so that we can sit with you at the table with the vendor to make sure you get the best deal:

  • Access data intel and benchmark analysis on hundreds of software transactions
  • Let us do the arm wrestle with the vendor so you can focus on the software implementation

with you every step of the way

Renewal Management

WDS is your contract management partner and works as an extension of your team:

  • Easily access all your contracts in one place at anytime
  • Forget monthly or annual renewals, we help you manage renewals cycles and align contracts to your needs

Don't be caught off guard

Security & Compliance

We ensure all the required certifications are presented and met by the vendors (SOC2, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.).

  • Save time coordinating back and forth among procurement, legal, and other departments
  • Streamline your auditing requests and improve your security posture with a more robust process

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Cloud Hosting

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Savings are calculated on:

  • Difference in total contract value before and after engagement with the WDS team.
  • Decrease in costs obtained from managing shadow IT, duplicate applications or unused licenses

Our success rate is 100%. Before engaging with any client with carefully analyze the SaaS stack and provide reports with expected savings. Once approved we take ownership of managing vendors at every phase of the purchasing cycle. 

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